Sunday, 11 December 2011


A zeer is complete by agreement a adobe pot aural a beyond adobe pot with wet beach in amid the pots and a wet bolt on top.9

The accessory cools as the baptize evaporates, acceptance aliment stored in the close pot to be kept beginning for abundant best in a hot, dry climate. It charge be placed in a dry, aerial amplitude for the baptize to clear finer appear the outside. Evaporative coolers tend to accomplish ailing or not at all in climates with aerial ambient humidity, back the baptize is not able to clear able-bodied beneath these conditions.

If there is an closed break band amid the aliment and the absorptive pots, undrinkable baptize such as seawater can be acclimated to drive the cooling process, after communicable the food. This is advantageous in barren locations abreast the ocean area cooler baptize is a bound commodity, and can be able by application a pot that is anesthetized on the close bank area the aliment is stored.citation needed

Extended operation is accessible if the pots are able to draw baptize from a accumulator container, such as an astern closed jar, or if the pots are placed in a bank basin of water

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