Sunday, 11 December 2011


Pot-in-pot algidity has had assorted absolute impacts on the citizenry that uses them above the simple adeptness to accumulate aliment beginning for best periods of time and abbreviating instances of food-related disease.9

Added profits from aliment sales: As there is no blitz to advertise aliment to abstain spoilage, farmers are able to advertise their aftermath on appeal and can command college prices.

Added opportunities for women: Women can advertise aliment anon from their homes, abbreviating their assurance on their husbands as sole providers. Also, because girls commonly booty aliment to bazaar to sell, and because aliment in the zeer stays beginning continued abundant that they can go to bazaar already a anniversary rather than already a day, there is added time for them to appear school.

Rural application opportunities: Farmers are able to abutment themselves with their added profits at market, slowing the move into cities. Also, the conception of the pots themselves generates job opportunities.

Added diet array because aliment is accessible for best into the year.

A zeer costs about 150 naira (approx. US$1.00 in 2011) to make, and they advertise for 180-200 naira (US$1.20 to US$1.30 in 2011). Bah Abba sells about 30,000 per year

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